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Mallorca - Domizil
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last update: 1/2008
What does building cost ?
- Simple Construction
Prices per built up square metre start between Euro 1,100 bis Euro 1,450 in Spain. Generally simpler constructions are made by using the following materials: Concrete; inside finish with plaster cast and outside finish includes cement
rough cast as well as a coat of paint. One has to however consider that building in Spain has become increasingly expensive in recent years. Not only the property prices but also the cost of material and labour have taken a steep increase over the last few years.
- Standard Construction:
Generally materials such as red brick and natural stone (on outside) are used and the house is furnished with a standard bathroom. One can expect to pay between Euro 1,500 bis Euro 1,750 per square metre of built up area.
One has to weigh up, in which rooms one would like to invest more and in which ones less. That way, one could construct a home (in this price category) with a luxurious bathroom, if one is prepared compromise on other quality standards.
- Luxury Construction:
For those who cannot do without central heating or a luxuriously equipped bathroom, one has to expect to pay at least Euro 1,800 per square metre. There are limit to the square metre prices,
if extraordinary wishes like, several additional bathrooms, golden plated taps, whirlpool, marble tiles are to be full-filled. Prices would further increase for requests like kitchen equipment, stucco decoration and murals.

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