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Mallorca - Domizil
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last update: 1/2008
The electricity- and connecting-up fees:
In order to receive any electricity one can expect to pay between Euro 200,- bis Euro 2.000,- for the initial connecting-up fee. However, this amount will vary depending on the amount electricity is required; the more one needs (e.g. air conditioning), the higher the connecting-up fee. For villas this fee can easily be double. Running electricity costs are invoiced out twice a month. One can expect to pay at least DM 100/ month for an apartment provided that an average amount of electricity is used. In the event of heating with electricity,
one should consider to make use of the less expensive night-electricity (7,38 Pts. Kw/h saves 50% compared to daytime heating).

Water connecting-up fees: Expect to pay Euro 200,- for an apartment and about double that for a villa. A deciding factor will be the pool size. The monthly water expenditure can easily rise to abt. Euro 250,- especially for villas (taking considering garden irrigation, pool); To calculate with Euro 60,- bis 80,- for water usage in an apartment should suffice.

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